GFWC/IL Geneseo Woman’s Club
General Federation of Woman’s Clubs
The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is an international women’s organization dedicated to
community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. 

First Congregational Church
101 West Pearl Street
Geneseo, IL  61254

3rd Monday of the Month
7:00 P.M.


First Congregational Church
101 West Pearl Street
Geneseo, IL  61254

3rd Monday of the Month
7:00 P.M.
Any woman 18 years and up is welcome for membership.
Please contact our President for more information:
President:  Taunya McGee
Vice President:  CiCi Gaudet
Recording Secretary:  Audrey Scheider
Corresponding Secretary:  Marilyn DeMay
Treasurer:  Rayanne Burrack
Historian: Valerie Plumley  
Parliamentary Advisor:  Sarah Snyder
President:  Taunya McGee
Vice President:  CiCi Gaudet
Recording Secretary:  Audrey Scheider
Corresponding Secretary:  Marilyn DeMay
Treasurer:  Rayanne Burrack
Historian: Valerie Plumley  
Parliamentary Advisor:  Sarah Snyder
Club Commitees

Home Life
Native American/Veterans/Public Affairsand Legislation
Health/Home Life/Safe Place For Every Child
International Affairs
Press and Publicity
Program and Social
Giving Tree
Rebuilding Together
Junior Special Projects
Ice Cream Social
Lemonade Stand
Victorian Walk Window
Club Projects and Who They Benefit

*Relay For Life (participants): Cancer Patients

*Lemonade Stand/Ice Cream Social:  Public Relations, money raised is used towards local donations and scholarships, committee funds and our overall budget.

*Giving Tree:  Clothing and toys are given to local children who are being served by the Geneseo Food Pantry

*Santa Letters:  Children (locally and nation wide) are sent letters from Santa.  Money raised is used for a graduating high school senior scholarship.

*During the year our club collects food, home goods, houseware items, batteries, seed packets, magazines, books, Cambell Soup labels, box tops, clothing, coupons, school supplies and other items to donate to the following:  Local soldiers, schools, library, Native American centers, food pantry, shelters/International organizations for 3rd World Countries and recycling.

*Bootiful Saturday Bake Sale:  Raises money for Arts scholarships.
*Highway Cleanup:  Our club has a stretch of highway that we clean twice a year to help with beautification.

*Victorian Walk Window:  Every year we decorate a window for the Geneseo Victorian Walk.  This window is a way that we participate in the community during the holiday event.

*Every Committee has several projects during the year, these are not the same annually, but the club does close to one hundred projects a year.
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Taunya McGee